St. Martins Church, Ettlingen, Baden-Wartümberg, Germany

Annas Potthoffs 2774

One lovely, very sunny (and thus hot day), I leisurely went into St. Martins to enjoy the shade and for prayers.  The church was silent, in reverence of peace and quiet–the church being void of other humans.

I bolted upright from a very bizarre sound, not from the ding dang dong of the musical bells, for it was only 10:12 in the morning. Thinking something amiss, I searched for the source of the disturbance and was but awoken by the reverberations of my own rumbling snores echoing off the walls.


St. Annas Potthoffs 2780Martins Church, located in downtown Ettlingen (Kirchplatz) is a lovely place to visit–the church has different periods of construction (having been destroyed at points during previous wars.) The Spire is original and is easily seen from about anywhere in town.  Annas Potthoffs 2777

Upon looking up (once inside) the painting on the ceiling will fascinate as it is not rendered in the traditional sense.

The wooden, standardized pews are a lovely way to sit, relax and enjoy the divine presense of our Lord Saviour.

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