Kneipp Bath

Spending time with my sweetheart is such a joy--I asked a local woman what the open-air foot/leg bath and arm bath-trough was intended for--and she answered (with a smile) that it is for health and refreshment....exactly what we needed on a hot, hot summer day. Thomas and I sluffed off our shoes and went for … Continue reading Kneipp Bath

An exchange student and an American come together again

Way back when, okay, so in 1996 and 1997 my family hosted an exchange student from Germany--and we have kept in touch all these years. Before leaving Colorado, I wrote to Jenny, telling her I would be moving to Germany--and she came to see me. The last time I had seen Jenny in person, I … Continue reading An exchange student and an American come together again

Coffee with Old and New Friends, Waldbronn, Germany

Jenny and I wrote text messages back and forth over the past few weeks--and she has come down this weekend  see friends, myself included, as we all live in close proximity. Jenny's friends, whom she knew from travels and summers working abroad in Spain,  are hosting Jenny and her lovely girls and boyfriend this weekend, … Continue reading Coffee with Old and New Friends, Waldbronn, Germany

Celebrating my ’21st’ birthday abroad

I turned 21 today, for the 13th time but who is counting?? It is truly the first time, though, that I have celebrated a birthday abroad and it has been wonderful. Thomas hosted a dinner celebration in the backyard for my special day, with family and friends attending.   Treasure hunting is so much fun–and … Continue reading Celebrating my ’21st’ birthday abroad

A cool summer meal

Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don't fall at least 10 times, then you're not skiing hard enough. Guy Fieri Summer Pasta Salad..My Recipe 1 pkg spirally pasta--cooked accordingly to the package directions--drained and cooled 2 small ripe tomatoes, chunked 1 can of sliced, pitted black olives Sunflower Oil 6 large basil leaves, minced … Continue reading A cool summer meal

Open Air Event, Ittersbach, One Intense Over time Game

What an intense night!!! Thomas, Monika ( a friend of ours) and I drove to Ittersbach, with the intent of watching the Euro-cup match at the Pub--- and happened upon an open air event playing the Germany Vs. Italy match at an open air event!!! The soccer match was a big deal, going into overtime!!! … Continue reading Open Air Event, Ittersbach, One Intense Over time Game

The Best Coffee–DLounge, Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe

Missing the little things from back home is pretty normal, by most standards but one thing I really jonesed for was a good coffee shop that was relaxing yet fun, upbeat but comfy--and at last I found a 'home' coffee shop here in my area. And no, I am not doing a paid 'pitch' for … Continue reading The Best Coffee–DLounge, Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe