Eating,Everything, Everywhere

I will try most anything, food wise, at least once, especially if it is served to me in someone’s home. I am a borderline goat when it comes to food and thankfully, do not have any food allergies. My stomach, I often think, must be lined with kryptonite as I generally do not suffer from ‘tummy issues’, either, which is a huge blessing.

Edible, grub, chow, nibbles, snacks, energy source–no matter how you slice it, we all eat and some of us enjoy it more than others, an event or a source of entertainment for many.


We eat to not only nourish our bodies but our minds as well–dining or sharing a meal with another living creature (4 legged or 2) is one of life’s greatest pleasures and an essential component of life.  But what to eat when on an adventure?

Food and drink in itself are often a great part of an adventure or memory of a time spent, if not the sole purpose of an adventure–small or big. Tasting tours are popular–flights of taste bud delights are trending–and the list continues.

Unless one is not at all concerned with expenses and has no care in the world for cost (overhead) or not mindful of the tab, then any thing is a ‘go’ but when adventuring near home, weekend getaways, or going on an extended vacation (long-term stay somewhere), the bottom line does play a factor.

When experiencing new things or re-visiting old stomping grounds, hunger is always bound to set in–or a break is desired with a refreshment–very normal. Alas, the tab can add up…..

I have found, partially thru the way in which I was raised-brought up and partially thru trial and error, ways to eat inexpensively with big flavor. Food is part of the adventure of life and why not make it exciting, too?

Tips for Eating Adventerously and not breaking your bank or travel budget:

  • Stop by a food market in your vacation area, buy the ‘house brand’, pick up the snacks, some ‘easy food’ to keep in your hotel. Room service is expensive.
  • Pack a lunch-snack bag (super easy to carry in your backpack)
  • When-If you get the hunger bug while out and about or for longer than expected, stop by a food wagon-truck, they are everywhere and relatively inexpensive
  • Food markets (small venues-bodegas-kiosk) and grocery stores have quick grab foods–local fare often is found.
  • Want to try local fare? Have a buddy split their grub with you and vice versa–great way to sample local fare without having to buy multiple.
  • When dining out, ask a local for a good place to eat and ask for locally owned or a ‘small’ cafe, bistro, etc. The prices are generally good and you will be more like to get fresh
  • ‘Farmers Markets’ style stands by the piece verses in bulk
  • Water fountains are everywhere. Carry a re-usable water bottle or reuse a drink bottle–refill and go–a $1 here and $1 there add up quickly
  • Breakfast–eat at the hotel unless it is not offered–backeries in Europe offer breakfast foods for dirt cheap.
  • Get ‘creative’–have a buddy choose 3 things and you choose three things at a market and share–I.E. a tub of hummus, a bell pepper, and a cheesy pretzel will cost you about $2.50–and it is very filling (remember, you are eating half of their food in exchange for half of yours.)
  • Try new things, even if you do not know what it is–you might suprise yourself.
  • Get the daily special at the food wagon or cafe and split it with a friend now or half  for a meal later back at the hotel/hostel–
  • When dining out for the experience, the menus are posted on the walls or stands outside the establishment–no surprises that way.
  • Eating balanced is cheap in Europe–no need to eat fast food or junk.
  • Carry a butter knife (or two) and a resuable container–great way to keep food from getting smashed but makes it easy to create a ‘picnic’ or snacks on the go and to carry your lunch.

    1 tomatoe, 1 bell pepper, small loaf of pumpernickel broad, tub of Fresh Cheese with herbs, and an apple-2 people, 2 light meals--total cost for all--$3.50

    1 tomatoe, 1 bell pepper, small loaf of pumpernickel broad, tub of Fresh Cheese with herbs, and an apple-2 people, 2 light meals–total cost for all–$3.50

Curry wurst special--3 Euros and enough for two people

Curry wurst special–3 Euros and enough for two people

I packed a lunch for us--lunch and snack for 2--cost: 3,25 euros

I packed a lunch for us–lunch and snack for 2–cost: 3,25 euros