A Royal Event with the Margravine Sibylla Agusta

Margravine Sibylla Augusta and the residents.
Our Lovely hosts

Our Lovely hosts

Okay,  a bit of time has lapsed (but what is a few hundred years between ‘old’ friends?) since the Margravine has passed away…but coffee with friends is still a rare, noble gift in her home. You read that correctly,  make no mistake…we enjoyed the royal treatment at the Margravine Sibylla Augusta residence, family portraits loving bestowing upon us as a string quartet hummed from the ball room...wait, what??

Well, we ‘know a guy’, whom invited Thomas and I for a special evening of coffee, music and so much more–make this rare, royal evening even possible (without breaking the law or any other mayhem), whom kindly served coffee and sweet delicacies to us…sharing time with friends whom just happen to be wonderful hosts in an incredible location.

gerd-coffee-3 gerd-coffee1 gerd-coffee





Thomas and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening with our friends, talking about history, sharing the marvelous venues and art work–and though in the moment and enjoying it immensely, with the doors of the ball room open, one can feel the past come alive, ladies with large dresses dancing out on to the lawns, down the orangery, soft voices heard from above as the Margrave (her husband) transacting business and meetings above on the balcony….history living through time.

How did our host pull it off?? That is a secret I shall keep to Margravine Sibylla Augusta grave.


Margravine Sibylla Augusta and their residence.


Margravine Sibylla Augusta and their residence.


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