A day in Ruins, Waldkirch, Germany

Waldkirch, Germany
Marktplatz, the town center square where a lot of hubbub occurs, a great place to drink coffee and people watch
Waldkirch, Germany
The country road view of Waldkirch, a quaint small town
Waldkirch Church
A lovely church with lyrical bells chiming
Fortress--noble ruins Waldkirch, Germany
Fortress Ruins on the hillside above Waldkirch. Closed today but still beautiful. Just everyday life in Germany.


A day ‘ruined’ when taking an alternate route back to my abode. Absolutely Stunning!!!  I never found this place on a map for tourists or anything but with some digging, some history was learned and stumbling upon some ruins is a treasure—life off the beaten path sure has some old perks.

The people in this small town are also very friendly, it seems the further away from big cities, the better the atmosphere.

Treasure hunting is so much fun–and it is helping to create great and awesome products on my eBay.

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